The undergraduate programme

To meet our undergraduate students’ high expectations, we offer a wide range of degree-seeking programmes, covering a broad variety of subjects and located in various French cities.  

Sciences Po College : the undegraduate programme

Our 3-year-long undergraduate programme is representative of Sciences Po’s tradition of excellence in regard to higher education. Our curriculum will provide you with an interdisciplinary and innovative pedagogy.
Our undergraduate programme offers a very broad range of concentrations, across the spectrum of public affairs, international and European studies, business, law, journalism, history, political science, languages and the humanities.
You can apply through the undergraduate international admissions at one of our 6 regional campuses. The different undergraduate programmes offered in various French cities, each of which is focused on a distinct region of the world.
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English only track for students with little or no French:


Fluency in French or other languages is required for:


The international application procedure takes place immediately after secondary education, and is therefore open to students who have just graduated from high school.  
The main campus in Paris isn’t accessible through the international procedure (except for the Europe-Africa programme). If you want to study in Paris as an undergraduate student, you will have to pass the Sciences Po Paris entrance examination (fr).  


Dual Bachelor Degree


Several international dual BA allow students to benefit from the teaching specialisms and reputation of both Sciences Po and the partner university. These programmes combine specialisation in humanities and social sciences, with a broad base in history, law, politics and philosophy.

- Sciences Po-Columbia University (Dual BA)
- Sciences Po-University College London (Dual BA)
- Sciences Po-Keio University (Dual BA)
- Sciences Po-University of British Columbia (Dual BA)