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→ How to nominate your students?

Students → How to apply?

► I have been accepted as an exchange student, what should I do now?

► What's the Welcome Programme?

► Journalism exchange programme (spring semester only)

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Partner universities How to nominate your students?

Consult the user guide (pdf)

All exchange students must be nominated online by their home university at the following address

Partner universities can consult the information factsheet (pdf) about the Exchange Programme.

Students → How to apply?

Consult the user guide (pdf)

Once they have been nominated by their home university, students must complete their online application for Sciences Po's Undergraduate or Graduate Exchange Programme.

For questions concerning applications for the exchange programme, please contact the student exchanges team at :

► I have been accepted as an exchange student, what should I do now?

Students who have received confirmation of their acceptance to Sciences Po's exchange programme should read the information below attentively:

- What should I do now? (pdf)

- Exchange Programme Information factsheet (pdf)

- Activation of your Sciences Po mail account guide

- Administrative registration guide (pdf)

For further information about administrative registration, please consult the student support services website.

► What's the Welcome Programme?

The Welcome Programme is an orientation programme for undergraduate exchange students who will be studying at Sciences Po Paris for a semester or a full academic year.

- How to register for the Welcome Programme and pay? (pdf)

► Journalism exchange programme

Sciences Po offers a one-semester English language Journalism Programme for Undergraduate Exchange Students.

Your partner university will have already selected “Journalism” as the main discipline when nominating you. If this is not the case, you can apply by selecting “Journalism” as your main discipline.

All students applying for this programme must choose two other disciplines as exchange students not accepted  will be automatically redirected to the regular undergraduate exchange programme.

Students applying for the Journalism exchange programme must include a letter of motivation in English, a short CV in English as well as providing evidence of any journalistic articles that they have written or worked on (maximum 3 documents). This is a highly selective programme and only about 15 students are accepted in to it every year.

Please contact the student exchanges team for questions concerning the application process for exchange students nominated by a partner university: