Graduate programmes

Master's and PhD degree seeking programmes
Through Sciences Po’s Master's and PhD programmes, international students can earn a prestigious degree from a globally recognized university. Depending on the programme, our curricula and dual degrees can be followed in French, in English, or in various other languages, including German and Russian.
"Students at the London School of Economics, for example, can now opt for four different double degrees with Sciences Po, probably its closest French equivalent", Matthew Reisz, Time Higher Education, February 2010.

Master's degrees at Sciences Po

Most of Sciences Po’s Master's programmes are completed in two years. Our professional programmes leave Sciences Po graduates particularly well-prepared to enter the international workforce.
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Dual Degrees

Sciences Po has partnered with prestigious institutions throughout the world to offer several dual degree programmes, which allow students to obtain two degrees in two years. The prestige of these programmes, the language expertise acquired, and the experience of studying in two different countries represent a tremendous asset in the professional world.


B.A / M.A. programmes  

Students are thus granted the possibility to earn both an undergraduate diploma from their home university and a Master’s degree from Sciences Po.  
Dual degree students will complete their 3-year-long undergraduate studies at their home institution and will then be invited to join Sciences Po in order to obtain a 2-year Master’s degree. Thus they are provided a fantastic opportunity to obtain diplomas from two leading educational institutions. 
Applications, consisting of an application form and an interview, are entirely run by students’ home university international office. Here are our partner universities for this specific dual degree programme:
- Columbia University (New York),

The doctoral programme

The Doctoral programme at Sciences Po offers two first year of course work followed by a three years thesis. The first two years are concentrated on five areas : Political Science, History, Sociology, and Law and Economics. This programme served as preparation for a thesis and bring students for careers in research, higher education, consultancy and publishing, among other fields.
International students can apply to the two first year of Doctoral programme through the international application procedure. Students who wish to directly integrate the 2nd year of the programme can do so through the Doctoral School.