Welcome Programme

The Welcome Programme is an orientation programme for undergraduate exchange students who will be studying at Sciences Po campus of Paris for a semester or a full academic year. Organized at the beginning of each semester, its objective is to provide students with all the information and tools necessary for a successful stay at Sciences Po.



The Welcome Programme has three objectives:

- To instruct students how to work according to the expectations and academic requirements of Sciences Po. During their stay at Sciences Po, undergraduate exchange students will be expected to use the same methodology as degree-seeking Sciences Po students. It is good to know these rules before the start of lessons.
During the ten hours of Methodology courses taught by experienced instructors of the school, the participants in the Welcome Programme will have the opportunity to get fully acquainted with the working methods of Sciences Po and gain deeper understanding of French history and politics. Certain courses will take place off-campus at important Parisian historical sites.
A guided tour of the library introduces students to our information and documentation services.
An introductory lecture to French Current Events will allow students to gain insight into Sciences Po's curriculum and spirit.

- To familiarize exchange students with Sciences Po and its services: housing searches, obtaining a residence permit, completing administrative registration, etc.

- To create a setting for establishing contacts with others. A series of outings and social events (visits of Paris, gaimes, sport, etc.) organized by Sciences Po's students, will enable students to make new friends, socialize and discover Paris.

- All students who have taken part in Sciences Po's Welcome programme will be awarded 2 ECTS credits for their participation.


 “I have learnt a lot about France and Paris,aside from improving my French language skills. This is very useful for exchange students and interesting to them. The class atmosphere is not stressful and everyone has the opportunity to contribute in class.” A student from the University of Hong Kong


A typical week


The first day of the Welcome programme (Friday) is dedicated to a presentation of Sciences Po and its different services (finding housing, obtaining a residence permit, completing administrative registration, etc.).
In small groups, the students will also discover the Sciences Po Paris Campus. They are introduced to the location of different student services, classrooms and amphitheatres.

During the following week (Monday-Friday), students follow methodology workshops in small groups (10h), a methodology module in the amphitheatre and an introductory lecture into French Political Life. Nearly 18 hours of methodology and introductory lessons taught by experienced Sciences Po teachers enable students to put their skills into practice!

 Example of schedule *


Welcome programme information day

Presentation of Sciences Po


Guided tour in a historic neighbourhood of Paris


11:15 -13:15

14:30 – 16:30

17:00 – 19:00


Methodology Class in Sciences Po

Practical life information

Wine and cheese reception


Methodology Class in Sciences Po

Walk in Paris

Sports / games / meetings


Methodology and French culture (in Paris)

Library and
laboratory visit

Sports / games / meetings


Methodology and French culture (in Paris)

 French Current Events 

Sports / games / meetings


Methodology and French culture (in Paris)



« Bateaux Mouches » boat visit


Integration Day with the Buddy Programme


*( This schedule is indicative and may be subject to modifications)

Practical information

Participation for the Welcome Programme is optional but recommended for a smooth start at Sciences Po.

- Dates: 15-22 January, 2016 (Spring Semester 2015-2016)

- Eligibility: Undergraduate exchange students coming to Sciences Po campus of Paris for one or two semesters. Please note that spaces are limited and are allocated on a first-come-first-served basis!!

- Price: 250 euros

- Registration: Once an exchange student receives their Sciences Po ID number, they must register online for the Welcome Programme and confirm their registration by paying the correct fees.
- Payment: The registration for the Welcome programme cannot be confirmed if we have not received payment.
Please ensure that the payment reaches us as soon as possible. For another means of payment, processing time is necessary. No refunds will be given. If you have registered and decide to no longer take part in the Welcome
programme, you must inform us by email.

Contact: candidature.echange@sciencespo.fr