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To find universities that are partnered with Sciences Po and offer courses you may be interested in, select your search criteria. These are: the type of study (undergraduate or graduate), the language(s) of instruction, one or more disciplines and/or the country.

By clicking on the search results you can see the web sites of the universities that are selected, as well as university factsheets and the rapports de séjour written by Sciences Po students who attended these universities. Please note that you’ll need to log to see the factsheets.

Click to see a full list of all Sciences Po’s partner universities.

Warning: Not all exchange agreements offer the same classes at all levels of study or in every language, so you’ll need to read the universities’ own web sites carefully to check.

The International Affairs team at Sciences Po is available to help you develop your project. As well as organizing group orientation sessions, we also can meet with you individually.

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