Preparing for your study abroad

Once your study abroad program has been approved by your host universities, you can start preparing for your study abroad. As certain procedures require some time, we advise you to start the process well before your departure.
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Information: :

What can I do immediately ?

- Verify if your passport will be valid 6 months after your return from your study abroad
- Request 2 letters of recommendation from your professors
- Contact the Foreign Language department if you wish to study a new language


Get informed on the entry and visit requirements of your intended study abroad country through the Advice to Travellers section of the Ministry of External Affairs (le Ministère des Affaires Etrangères et Européennes) website.
Certain universities will help international students obtain a visa. Find out more from your host university’s website. 


While some universities may offer housing on their campus (through a “first come, first served” basis), others may provide little to no aid in your search for accommodation.
To find the different degrees of aid offered by our partner universities, you can start with the documents and reports from previous exchange supervisors and students available on the International Affairs Division website. You can then check with your exchange university for more information.
If you have accommodation in Paris that you will need to give up during your year abroad, do not forget to contact Science Po’s Accommodation Office. There are many students from around the world who are looking for accommodation in Paris. 

Health and Insurance

Special attention is needed for certain countries with poor sanitary conditions. Inform yourself on the measures needed from guidebooks or the websites of the Ministry of External Affairs or the Institut Pasteur.  
Even if you are going to a country without sanitary risk, health and insurance questions will have to be answered before your departure.
Things to take note of:
Health Insurance : extension of your insurance or mutual insurance to your host country, unless otherwise obligated.
Travel Insurance :   MAIF (repatriation, Student Space of Science Po): + 33(0),
Health Information :
-          Ministry of Foreign Affairs (dernière minute, sécurité, transport, entrée séjour, santé et      autres)
-          Institut Pasteur (10 €)
-          Vacinations : Vacination Centre of Paris (15/17 rue Charles Bertheau 13e) or Centre Curie

Study Abroad Applications

Documents required (may vary between different partner universities):
- Completed candidate form from your host university. Please use the latest version.
- Transcripts from your first year and the first semester of your second year and their English translations
- 2 letters of recommendations in English
- IELTS or TOEFL results for English universities or programs
- 4 identity photos
Your application will have to be completed according to the specific requirements of your host university (medical examinations, etc.)

Preparing your semester or year abroad with Pakata


Pakata is a free website whose aim is to help students prepare for their semester or year abroad.

The website functions by allowing students to consult information regarding the various practical aspects of their preparation: finding accommodation, buying air tickets, international insurance…

It also allows students to contact other students who are members of the Pakata online community and who are either currently abroad or leaving at the same time.

This is an independant website and Sciences Po is not responsible for its content. 

Prepare my semester or year abroad on Pakata