3rd year studying abroad

The International Affairs Division (DAIE) will help you prepare your third year abroad and will be happy to assist you and answer your questions during your stay.
Third year abroad presentation (in French)

Third year abroad 2015-2016


The Third Year Abroad Committee met on Wednesday, February 4, 2015 and approved the list of study abroad projects for 2015-2016. This committee is presided over by the Dean of the Collège Universitaire Undergraduate Studies, and is made up of staff members from the International Affairs Division and Sciences Po Avenir, as well as teachers and student representatives.

1271 students will spend their third year abroad in 2015-2016. 1117 of these students opted to study abroad in one of Sciences Po’s partner universities, 150 have chosen an internship and 4 will go abroad to undertake a personal project.

As indicated in the study abroad assignment procedure (Charte des affectations), no changes will be granted.  

Each student must have received a personal email with confirmation of her or his study abroad “affectation”. Students will also be contacted in due course by the regional centres of the International Affairs Division in order to complete an application form to be sent to the partner university. The student’s study abroad assignment only becomes definitive once his or her application has been approved by the partner university.


Studying abroad in six steps


1. Please consult the calendar to acquaint yourself with the different steps of the application process and the corresponding deadlines

2. You will first have to define your project (internship, study abroad, personal project)

3. You will then be required to complete an online application through your Sciences Po interface.

Students intending to study abroad with Sciences Po should look carefully at the study abroad assignment procedure.

4. You will have to go through a number of mandatory administrative formalities

5. You will regularly keep in touch with Sciences Po and the DAIE upon your arrival and during your study abroad period.

6. There are several academic requirements that need to be fulfilled in order for your year to be validated by Sciences Po


Please consult the calendar (in French) on a regular basis in order to become familiar with the deadlines. This document concerns students embarking on their year abroad in 2015/2016.

Defining your project

The first step in the preparation of your third year abroad starts as soon as the beginning of your second year, and even before. You will first have to decide whether you want to study in a university, intern in a private company or a public institution, or build your own project. Several information meetings are organized by the DAIE to help you make your choice, don’t forget to check out the calendar!     
Sciences Po has set up several resources to help you select your destination (university websites, university profiles, student reports, information meetings).


Studying abroad

 Students intending to study abroad in one of Sciences Po's partner universities should follow the steps as indicated below:

► Consult the information on the third year abroad given by Science Po’s College Universitaire website and by the DAIE’s regional centres.

► Attend the information meetings held by the DAIE at the beginning of the Fall semester

► Read the university profiles and the various reports written by students (“rapports de séjour (fr)”).

► Consult the partner universities language requirements in English (for undergraduate programmes).

► Read the Study abroad assignment procedure and look at the number of places on offer in Sciences Po's partner universities.

► Once you have started defining your project, you are encouraged to discuss it with an international advisor


Completing your application online

►Study abroad
You will be assigned to a partner university based on your academic and/or linguistic performance. your overall project is equally analysed as well as your suitability to the programme and partner university.

Please consult the application guide (in French) 

Log into your Espace Sciences Po between the 8th and 12th of december 2014 to complete your online application and enter your 6 choices.
You will also have to provide the following documents for your application to be considered as complete :

- CV (in French or English)

- Covering letter (in French or English) of maximum 2 pages

- Language test results required by partner universities

- High school results (or its equivalent)

- Evidence of dispensation (students in regional campuses)


Students intending to carry out an internship abroad should contact Sciences Po Avenir

Administrative formalities

You must be administratively registered for the duration of your third year and pay tuition fees for this period.


Interrupting the third year abroad in a partner university


Sciences Po will only allow students to interrupt their third year abroad in a partner university in exceptional circumstances as outlined below:

• health problems requiring mandatory treatment in France certified by two medical certificates

• serious family situation

In all cases, a student who wishes to interrupt his third year abroad in a partner university must contact Sciences Po and seek prior approval from Myriam Faten Sfar who will evaluate the situation on a case by case basis. 

If the student is granted permission to interrupt his third year abroad in a partner university he will continue his third year with an internship (8 consecutive months) or by another study abroad placement in a partner university where possible.

If a student interrupts his third year abroad in a partner university without having obtained permission beforehand, he will not validate his third year abroad and therefore will need to retake the third year.


Validation of your third year abroad

You must validate your third year before beginning your Masters programme. Don’t forget to check out the academic requirements for the validation of your third year by Sciences Po.