Language requirements

Important information for exchange students – language levels and self-evaluation

Exchange students, at undergraduate and at Masters level, have the possibility of studying entirely in French, English, or a combination of both languages.

All students are required to have a language level in French and/or in English for their exchange application to be considered as complete.

If students have not taken an official language test or are native speakers, exchange students must self-evaluate their language level based on Sciences Po languages charters. Students are responsible for determining the correct language level according to the information in the language charters; an inaccurate measure of the students’ linguistic abilities will be a hindrance to their studies at Sciences Po.

Students wishing to take a French or an additional foreign language course must also self-evaluate their language level in the corresponding language. (NB. Additional languages may not be taken at a beginners’ level.)

Please click here to determine your language levels.